Yolk, 2016

Teapot Edition
 for Little&Large Editions - unique handcrafted teapots, glazed ceramic, various sizes

Douglas Gordon & Katharina Kiebacher / BLEND - Tea Edition - the artist's blend of fruits, herbs and black tea

A yolk is the ultimate organic form, perfectly shaped unless taken out of its origin protection. The outer and inner forms of an egg share similarities but are not identical after all. To find something that resembles the own inner self has always been a question for human beings.

Objects are a way to represent inner forms or to serve as a reminder of emotional states at a certain point in one’s life. In contrast to our organic existence most of all industrially manufactured objects are available to mirror ourselves. Unlike a yolk the human self is always hidden away on the inside, invisible. But there are pathways from the outside to the inside. Among those a cup of tea is a comforting ritual that reaches the inside of the human body.